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Arianna is a gorgeous tall model-like lady with magnificent natural forms and and passion for Tantra science. She will lovingly welcome you to our private studio in Financial District conveniently located in 2 minutes walk from Wall Street and make you feel taken care of like no one done it for you before.

The technique of Tantric massage is a special kind of oriental practice performed in pairs. Often it is confused with a regular erotic massage, but the difference here is substantial and principled. Tantra is not just a technique of bodily influence, but a special, subtle level of interaction between partners during a session and the exchange of energy through the sensual touch. Arianna is one of the most experienced Tantra massage providers and one of a kind, she will make you feel loved and desired.

Tantra translated into English, means "communication", which perfectly explains the whole essence of the technique of Tantric massage. The theory of Tantra identify the erogenous zone as not only a specific area of the body, the touch of which leads to excitement and sexual pleasure, but it tells us that the center of all sensations is located primarily in the person's head, that our whole body is one single erogenous zone. The ability to establish contact between partners allows each touch in different areas of the body to make it voluptuous and coveted.

Basic advantages of Tantra massage at Magnetic Tantra studio:

+ disclosure of the energy potential and of all erogenous zones of the body;
+ getting rid of stress and tension;
+ getting the maximum level of relaxation;
+ finding harmony between the physical and energetic body;
+ obtaining an unforgettable pleasure from the procedure;
+ the feeling of a new birth.

Our services

Tantra $240
Magnetic Tantra is our signature one hour erotic massage session. First you will get completely relaxed with a full body massage to energetically open your sexual energy and move it through the body so that the tension and emotions accumulated below the chest and abdomen will be released. Our ladies work on various points of intersection of the energy channels. The last part of the Tantra therapeutic session is Lingham massage to help to reveal the masculine sexual energy.

Body to body $280
The purpose of this B2B massage is to relax the whole body in the beautiful traditions of the East. The uniqueness of this massage session is that it is done not only by hands but also with the use of the provider’s body. This kind of massage has an ancient history, and its best techniques were able to reach our days almost unchanged. This massage session with body to body elements will turn your regular Tantra massage experience into something unforgettable!

Nuru $300
Nuru Tantra massage is another type of body to body massage session. Long and beautiful masseuse puts on her body a special Nuru gel. It makes her skin like silk - smooth, soft and slippery. After that she will touch and slide with her body covered with gel all over your body. The girl will touch you with her arms, chest, hips, buttocks and back. Nuru gel has no smell and no taste. Its charm is that it does not distort your sensations, but only strengthens them.

BDSM $350
Our gorgeous provider will bind her obedient slave with graceful gestures and will give him a dark erotic Tantra massage. In a moment you are already in the full power of her passions and desires. Your flesh will crumple, tingle and torment until you feel a sweet pain. The Tantra massage provider will fully demonstrate to you all her strength and power over your body. And we don’t advise you to resist, as punishing for this will make you shudder.

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Financial District, Manhattan, New York NYC
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Call +1-518-428-9463 Manhattan Sexy Ladies Magnetic tantra sessions in NYC

Erotic massage in New York NYC + Useful info
Call +1-518-428-9463 Manhattan Sexy Ladies Magnetic tantra sessions in NYC

Erotic massage New York NYC

There are a few essential parts of Tantra massage session at Magnetic Tantra studio:

The circulation of energy in Tantric massage

From the point of view of Tantric and Taoist teachings, a person is nothing more than an endless flow of the energy, and a love game is a sparkling dance of the universe. Eastern medicine understands the health as a harmonious circulation along the body of the vital energy. if it stagnates or is blocked - there is a disease. The vital energy, according to their ideas, is concentrated in seven centers (chakras), their projections on the body are located from the genital area to the top of the head. Tantra massage providers at Magnetic Tantra are highly spirited and experienced in energetic sessions and are practicing energetic healing for years. We would love to guide you into the world of love energy at our Tantric massage studio Downtown Manhattan.

Psychology of Tantra

Tantra believes that when lovers are in tight embraces, there is an exchange of subtle energy. A love game is an ideal state that stimulates the circulation of energy. "... Creating love be receptive and you can feel the streams of energy flowing down your back, along your arms and legs. You can enhance this experience by imagining how the tips of your fingers radiate the rays of blue light."


Tantric and Taoist teachings pay great importance to the imagination, and especially - visualization. Visualization is a conscious representation of a certain object, event, state (not to be confused with arbitrary fantasy). According to Tantra, by creating a detailed and vivid image of the event, we promote its manifestation on the material level, that is, everything that we have today is the result of our thoughts yesterday. Tantra teaches that visual images moved by the power of faith and love can be a means of achieving Harmony. One of the most important visualizations in Tantra is the representation of oneself as a couple in the form of two Gods embodying Love - Shiva and Shakti. These images can strengthen the belief that there is Eternity in every man and every woman.

Tantric breathing

We all know the Eastern wisdom very well: “The breath is life", but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life we ​​often forget about it. And meanwhile, if you are careful, you can notice that breathing directly depends on the mental state in which the person is. When he experiences anxiety or fear, his breathing is intermittent, he lacks air. When he is relaxed and calm, he breathes slowly and deeply. With a decrease in the frequency of breathing, the vital energy increases, with increasing breathing speed, the vital energy decreases. This law is well known to psychologists: they noticed that it turns out that every person thinks and speaks with the same speed with which he breathes. Therefore, during sexual intercourse, it is not advisable to be distracted by thoughts and conversations: words and thoughts making breath, interfere with the concentration of sexual energy in a couple.

Studying the breathing of yogis, the researchers found that if people communicate, they breathe the same way, they have mutual understanding, and they are pleased with each other. If the interlocutors breathe in different ways, for example, one - superficially and often, another slowly and deeply, the chances that they will agree among themselves is not big. People fall into this situation when it seems that they "speak different languages." But if you and your spouse are interesting to each other, mutual adaptation of the types of breathing takes place automatically (the so-called "attachment"). So, it turns out, the purpose of the preliminary love game is nothing more than the synchronization of the spouses' breathing.

In Kundalini Yoga there is such an exercise: a man and a woman sit in a "lotus" position opposite each other with their hands up, the tips of their fingers touching. Exercise lasts a day with a break every hour for 10 minutes. After that, as experience shows, a couple will inevitably marry - that’s how "joining" is strong. Magnetic Tantra massage providers are using healing breathing exercises to connect with you and to make you feel loved and understood. Simple deep and slow breaths in and out together with your partner will turn your sexual flow into the right direction and you can experience all that at Magnetic Tantric massage session in New York City - at our studio or in the comfort of your own place.

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