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Dear Customers. MagneticTantra are not providing services that are not described on this website. If you are looking for extra services, unfortunately we are not able to help you with that. Thank you for understanding.

Isabella is a magnificent petite with big heart and unforgettable sexual energy. A young miniature slender brown-haired lady, refined and gentle - it's all about the beautiful Tantra massage provider Isabella, who very much likes to give caress to men. Such a girl will certainly make your Tantra session very relaxing and enjoyable.

During the procedure of Tantric massage the client achieves a special state of weightlessness and bliss that he has hardly ever experienced before in his life. During a relatively short time of the Tantra massage session the client receives a tangible effect of a surge of energy, pleasant sexual excitement, complete harmony with himself and with the world around him. All of that you can experience at Magnetic Tantra in Financial District, Downtown Manhattan.

Before the beginning of Tantra massage session, the most important thing is to create a suitable atmosphere in the room for a Tantric massage. Candles, intimate atmosphere, silence or light music, comfortable room temperature. In the air should be light intoxicating scents, which in no way should be intrusive but calming and intrigue. It is very important to choose the right surface for massage, which should be as comfortable as possible for the client, but not too soft. Aromatic essential oils are used for Tantric massage and are very good to relax your mind and take all of your problems away. We care about your comfort and our reputation - that’s why Magnetic Tantra is always up to a high end standards of delivering ultimate erotic pleasure, try it yourself!

At the second stage, it is important to establish the contact with a man on the level of breathing and palpitation, there must be an unconditional trust and harmonious connection. Such contact is necessary so that during Tantra massage through the sensual touch one can feel an invisible exchange of energy. Adjusting the sexual tension is also very important, as too fast arousal will damage the massage procedure, and the effect from Tantra massage will not be complete. All of the Magnetic Tantra providers are very experienced in the science of Tantric massage and we’d love to prove it to you!

Tantric massage is performed not only with the hands of the masseuse, but also with the help of other parts of the body. In order for a man to get the proper effect from the procedure, the girls from our studio will do everything necessary. After all, they have practical skills and abilities in the field of various Tantric techniques and know where to start and how to finish the procedure of Tantra massage so that the client gets the whole range of emotions and sensations that he expects from this procedure.

Our services

Tantra $240
Magnetic Tantra is our signature one hour erotic massage session. First you will get completely relaxed with a full body massage to energetically open your sexual energy and move it through the body so that the tension and emotions accumulated below the chest and abdomen will be released. Our ladies work on various points of intersection of the energy channels. The last part of the Tantra therapeutic session is Lingham massage to help to reveal the masculine sexual energy.

Body to body $280
The purpose of this B2B massage is to relax the whole body in the beautiful traditions of the East. The uniqueness of this massage session is that it is done not only by hands but also with the use of the provider’s body. This kind of massage has an ancient history, and its best techniques were able to reach our days almost unchanged. This massage session with body to body elements will turn your regular Tantra massage experience into something unforgettable!

Nuru $300
Nuru Tantra massage is another type of body to body massage session. Long and beautiful masseuse puts on her body a special Nuru gel. It makes her skin like silk - smooth, soft and slippery. After that she will touch and slide with her body covered with gel all over your body. The girl will touch you with her arms, chest, hips, buttocks and back. Nuru gel has no smell and no taste. Its charm is that it does not distort your sensations, but only strengthens them.

BDSM $350
Our gorgeous provider will bind her obedient slave with graceful gestures and will give him a dark erotic Tantra massage. In a moment you are already in the full power of her passions and desires. Your flesh will crumple, tingle and torment until you feel a sweet pain. The Tantra massage provider will fully demonstrate to you all her strength and power over your body. And we don’t advise you to resist, as punishing for this will make you shudder.

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Call +1-518-428-9463 Manhattan Sexy Ladies Magnetic tantra sessions in NYC

Erotic Nuru massage in New York + Useful info
Call +1-518-428-9463 Manhattan Sexy Ladies Magnetic tantra sessions in NYC

Nuru massage New York NYC

Performing a Tantric massage

Tantra massage session is based on the interaction of two types of energy: male and female. Interaction occurs on a more subtle level, removing stresses, negative influences. For most people, ideas about sex are limited to thoughts about a few centimeters of the body. They are given the main attention. Some, however, consider the erogenous zone and nipples. If you try Tantra massage you will discover that the entire body can be an erogenous zone. Erotic massage will allow the body to fully realize the full potential of sensual pleasures.

Tantric massage is a cascade of new sensations, light and sensual. Your muscles would get really relaxed, but the senses are exacerbated to the limit. The reason for this is partly the painful slowness of the ongoing abundance of caresses, leading you to orgasm, in part a complete awakening of the erotic potential of your entire body. Making you forget about the worries of the world around you, Tantra erotic massage fills you with energy for a quiet leisurely rest, which brings special pleasure. Calm leisurely movements, which only occasionally become quick and tantalizing, that's what makes the massage irresistibly sensual. In your head, sexual fantasies wander, and a super-powerful erotic charge accumulates in the body, and the further this continues, the more explosive the culmination will finally be.

Massage of the prostate

As far back as the 70s, specialists believed that all men after forty needed preventive treatment of the prostate. Currently, prostate cancer is becoming an epidemic and is more common than breast cancer in women. And if the doctors sometimes visit the doctors, then no one looks after the men, and they turn to the doctors for help only when difficulties arise with urination. But then it's already late - the cancer does not spare anyone. Tantrists consider it necessary to massage the perineum after lovemaking to reduce tension in the prostate gland and advise using an internal self-massage, which is difficult due to lack of flexibility. The gland is located inside the body at a distance of two phalanges of the middle finger, therefore it is possible to reach it only through the anus. Where it is more useful and more convenient when the massage is performed by the partner. Tantra massage providers will perform prostate massage at our Magnetic Tantra studio. Our ladies are very experienced and professional and will take care of your sensual feelings to conduct a pleasurable and healing prostate massage for you.

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