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The art of Tantra is love and understanding between a man and a woman. Tantric massage is the first step on the way to harmony and closeness between them. Tantric massage itself is a therapeutic tool with a very strong positive effect. Thanks to massage, you can strengthen your muscles and nerves, ease back pain and lose weight, and most importantly - relax and get a charge of vivacity. There is a huge amount of a variety of techniques thanks to which a certain effect is achieved. At Magnetic Tantra the basis of Tantric massage is the interaction of two energies - female and male. The lessons of tantric massage make the sexual partners more emancipated, since they will help to know the erogenous zones and possibilities of the human body. This Tantric sensual techniques will allow you to open your mind and relax your body as well as to get an unforgettable erotic experience. Magnetic Tantra is a collective of young, passionate, loving and caring for you exquisite ladies. We are true professionals and are devoted to please you. Our beautiful discreet studio is conveniently located Downtown Manhattan just a minute from the FDR. Let us deliver the best Tantric experience to you!

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Tantra $240
Magnetic Tantra is our signature one hour erotic massage session. First you will get completely relaxed with a full body massage to energetically open your sexual energy and move it through the body so that the tension and emotions accumulated below the chest and abdomen will be released. Our ladies work on various points of intersection of the energy channels. The last part of the Tantra therapeutic session is Lingham massage to help to reveal the masculine sexual energy.

Body to body $280
The purpose of this B2B massage is to relax the whole body in the beautiful traditions of the East. The uniqueness of this massage session is that it is done not only by hands but also with the use of the provider’s body. This kind of massage has an ancient history, and its best techniques were able to reach our days almost unchanged. This massage session with body to body elements will turn your regular Tantra massage experience into something unforgettable!

Nuru $300
Nuru Tantra massage is another type of body to body massage session. Long and beautiful masseuse puts on her body a special Nuru gel. It makes her skin like silk - smooth, soft and slippery. After that she will touch and slide with her body covered with gel all over your body. The girl will touch you with her arms, chest, hips, buttocks and back. Nuru gel has no smell and no taste. Its charm is that it does not distort your sensations, but only strengthens them.

BDSM $350
Our gorgeous provider will bind her obedient slave with graceful gestures and will give him a dark erotic Tantra massage. In a moment you are already in the full power of her passions and desires. Your flesh will crumple, tingle and torment until you feel a sweet pain. The Tantra massage provider will fully demonstrate to you all her strength and power over your body. And we don’t advise you to resist, as punishing for this will make you shudder.

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Call +1-518-428-9463 Manhattan Sexy Ladies Magnetic tantra sessions in NYC

Erotic Tantra massage in New York NYC + Useful info
Call +1-518-428-9463 Manhattan Sexy Ladies Magnetic tantra sessions in NYC

Erotic Tantra massage in New York NYC

*Magnetic Tantra is a part-time non-profit pursuit based on a passion for providing pleasure to appreciative guests. Sessions are complimentary. If you feel the service you received warrants it, feel free to contribute a suggested donation.

Our services:


At Magnetic Tantra the emphasis of tantric massage is on feelings and spirituality. Tantric massage is similar to meditation, which is accompanied by caresses - it relaxes on one side, and on the other - sharpens all sensual feelings. Due to the slowness and stiffness of this massage, you can wake up your sexual potential that will give both a man and a woman a great pleasure. There is also a belief that Tantric massage can cure frigidity in women.

Tantra massage is one of the ways of expressing love. A man and a woman learn to trust each other, give warmth and pleasure to their partner, gratefully accept what a loved one does. In this case, there is an exchange of male and female energy, the relationship becomes more harmonious. Such Tantra massage sessions can become an integral part of a love game, which will promote the release of sexual energy. Regular practice expands the sexual capabilities of both partners, exacerbates feelings, strengthens orgasm.

Tantric massage is also useful for human health as it improves blood circulation, makes your body completely relaxed, your muscle tension is relieved. It also calms the nervous system and mind and there is a recovery and rejuvenation of the whole body.

Tantric therapy for men is a one or two hours session, during which we are engaged in improving the body and spirit. The lady will start with a relaxing body massage, during which she will use a variety of massage techniques, which consist of gentle strokes and helps energetically open the body.

During the session, the girl will release the emotions accumulated below the chest and abdomen. It is very good for emotional release and it helps to start the movement of sexual energy through the body. During the Tantra massage, the provider will also use the technique of marma massage, which means that she will work on various points of intersection of the energy channels in the body. The last part of the therapeutic session is Lingam massage.

Massage Lingam helps men to reveal their masculinity and sexuality. With the help of Lingam massage (penis in Sanskrit), men can achieve better control over their sexual energy and sexual desire. When a man starts to approach orgasm, we slow down, repeating this procedure during the session several times, men can significantly increase the time to orgasm. It also helps in solving problems with premature ejaculation. Improves blood circulation in the genital organs, therefore, the erection becomes stronger. During the session, men can also experience the energy orgasm of the whole body. Lingam massage also helps with stress and depression.

Tantra massage for men is, first of all, an effective form of therapy that gives lasting results and positively influences your daily life. During Tantric massage, it is important that the client is completely relaxed and is focused only on himself, not on the therapist, because only in this case powerful and deep sensations are possible. To achieve sustainable results, it is good to visit three sessions in a row. Sometimes you need to visit more than three sessions.

If you have a partner, it is a very good opportunity to come along with a partner and during the Tantra massage learn the Tantric art of touching. Coming to massage for the first time, it is necessary to take into account the consultation. We will be able to discuss in more detail what your needs are and how we can be of use to you. We always consider where your comfort zone is and try to find the best solutions for you.


Sometimes when the tension and fatigue reaches the limit you just need to relax and get away from your problems and to care for your soul and body. Tantra massage has always been and will be the best way of relaxation, which also gives a lot of unforgettable erotic sensations and emotions.

To receive the whole cascade of new sensations we recommend you to try Magnetic b2b Tantra massage session. Everyone knows that massage is not only healthy, but also very pleasurable sensual experience. But how effective massage will be, it depends mostly on what kind of technique it will be performed with. One of the most popular types of massage in the world is body to body Tantra massage. The purpose of body to body massage is the relaxation of the whole body in the best oriental traditions. This type of massage is performed as its name implies not only by hands but also by the body.

Body to body Tantra massage has an ancient history, but its best techniques have come down to our days practically unchanged. According to tradition, a man is a god and a king, a woman is his faithful and obedient servant. As well as the ancient oriental ceremony, the classic relaxing massage is performed first. Then the woman slowly and gently covers her body and the body of the man with the body lotion. Then she starts the main part of the massage.

Thai body massage is allowed only by very well trained masseuses. This technique has many features and nuances that are not known to every masseuse. A skilled masseuse feels the body of her client, and skillfully responds to every reaction of a man. Gradually the man reaches the highest degree of relaxation, he no longer feels physical and emotional stress. Seconds for a second, he approaches the moment of ecstasy, while feeling that completely is in the able hands of a woman who in all subtleties knows how to do Thai massage.

This type of massage is very popular today not only in US but all around the world. The techniques used in performing body massage are complex, and require a long and meaningful study. During the massage, there should be an atmosphere of confidence, since this type of massage is performed solely in accordance with the patient's breathing and the Tantra massage provider.

Body massage is a procedure that will bring a man incomparable pleasure. Having studied the techniques and some subtleties of doing body to body massage, you can give a man a truly unearthly pleasure every day. The effect of the body to body massage will not keep you waiting: smoothing the scars on the body, relieving tension of the tendons, improving blood circulation and deep relaxation is just a small list of all the delights of this massage.


Nuru massage is one of the varieties of an erotic Tantra massage. On the one hand, it was invented long ago by voluptuous Japanese people, on the other hand - Nuru massage in New York is only gaining popularity. But he was appreciated by fans of a quality erotic massage.

What distinguishes erotic Nuru massage among others is the technique of its implementation. The masseuse puts on her body a special Nuru gel. It will make her skin like silk - smooth, soft and very slippery. And now with this silky skin she will touch and slide on your body. Nuru gel has no smell and no taste. Nuru massage is performed throughout the whole body while the girl touches your body with her arms, chest, hips, buttocks, back. And every touch is the excitement of the lightness of silk, which makes the nerve endings tremble.

Every inch of your body will be enveloped in ecstasy. Without attention there will not be any secluded nook. You will get pleasure not only from tactile sensations, but also from the fact that the sexual energy of the girl, her attitude, will get to you. The exchange of sexual energy lies in all the erotic traditions of the East. In Japan for a long time, they know that even without ultimate intimacy, you still can achieve unforgettable heights of sexual sensations. Nuru massage in New York will allow you to comprehend this knowledge.

The result of Nuru massage, as a rule, is deep relaxation of the body and purification of the mind. It is very difficult to remain on the same wavelength of everyday life, when a smooth female skin slides over your body, hot hands are replaced with a cool chest, and then - again with warm, but this time her thighs.

Since Nuru massage in New York is just beginning to be recognized, the number of salons where you can get this service in an appropriate capacity is small. We did our best to bring the quality of our services closer to the ideal. At Magnetic Tantra our masseuses got acquainted with the secrets and secrets of Nuru massage and will do it the way Japanese women would. At your service - comfortable apartment with a relaxing atmosphere and the most beautiful girls - tall or miniature, young and beautiful, with wonderful skin, which you’d want to touch. Do not deny yourself the pleasure - a massage in New York from the studio Magnetic Tantra - this is what you’ve been missing to achieve the ultimate erotic pleasures.


If you are attracted to original and exotic intimate practices, then the Magnetic Tantra BDSM massage session was created especially for you!

As you know, the most popular erotic role-playing games are uncompromising experiments in the style of BDSM. In these games, everything lies on the surface: someone dominates, someone submits and both partners get pleasure from the process. In order to focus on the liberated entertainment for adults in the genres of "domination-submission", one simply needs to have an acute need to completely submit to the beautiful and domineering lady, even if in ordinary life you are used to making decisions and "commanding a parade”. On the part of your partner it means the presence of a rigid inner core and a sufficient desire to take control, command and punish the guilty slave.

It is possible that you are - a businessman, very organized person, hard on others and even tyrannical person. You don’t know the failures and defeats in everyday life, you are used to keeping everything under control and don’t know what the word "no" means... However, you have long wanted to try the role of a captive of an imperious and demanding Goddess...

In the walls of our erotic massage studio Magnetic Tantra located Downtown Manhattan, you will get a long-awaited date with a fatal beauty. Throughout this role-playing game, you will have to fulfill the role of obedient slave, attentive servant of a disarmingly beautiful Goddess. Her defiant outfit: high boots, candid sexy panties and a corset will only accentuate the atmosphere of the boudoir and its own powerful charisma.

If you’d like to try any of the Tantra sessions we offer feel free to call, text or email us! Our private luxurious studio is very calm and ready to welcome you 24/7!

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