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Dear Customers. MagneticTantra are not providing services that are not described on this website. If you are looking for extra services, unfortunately we are not able to help you with that. Thank you for understanding.

Selena is beautiful, affectionate, energetic lady. She has a mysterious personality that you would enjoy exploring when you are alone with her. She will establish a real connection with you and will take you on an unforgettable Tantric journey.

Erotic Tantra massage is considered one of the most ancient ways to achieve relaxation and combat stress. It allows you to forget about the problems that inevitably arise in the life of each person. Both men and women who once tried Tantra massage in the center of New York agree that such a procedure allows you to feel the energy rise, reveal sexual potential and forget about the everyday problems.

The professional impact of our Tantra providers at our private studio Downtown Manhattan, every skillful movement of their hands excites fantasy and awakens sexual impulses of the body. You can experience an unprecedented pleasure, becoming a visitor of our popular Magnetic Tantra massage studio.

Here you will find what many people dream of, who value quality rest in the company of passionate and skillful girls. Each of our Tantra massage providers has its own secrets of influence. Having thoroughly studied the features of many types of massage, popular in different countries, they are prepared to demonstrate their abilities to you. Call us today to find out Selena’s availability or if you have any questions!

Tantra massage session in the center of New York is provided by a very few salons with professional staff. It is wrong to think that any beautiful and passionate woman can cope with such a task. Skillful hands, a beautiful body, a desire to give pleasure to the client - all this makes our Magnetic Tantra providers inimitable.

On our website you can find photos and profiles of our beauties who are waiting for you in our private studio in the luxury apartment building very close to Wall Street. Choose the girl that you like and let you experience real relaxation.

Also you will be pleased with:

+ Wide range of erotic massage services;
+ High level of customer service;
+ The choice of the duration of the massage - from half an hour to several hours;
+ A lot of girls who are ready to bring you pleasure 24 hours a day.

VIP studio of erotic massage Magnetic Tantra in Financial District is New York’s best kept secret - it is an opportunity to get to the wonderful world of pleasure and tenderness.

Our services

Tantra $240
Magnetic Tantra is our signature one hour erotic massage session. First you will get completely relaxed with a full body massage to energetically open your sexual energy and move it through the body so that the tension and emotions accumulated below the chest and abdomen will be released. Our ladies work on various points of intersection of the energy channels. The last part of the Tantra therapeutic session is Lingham massage to help to reveal the masculine sexual energy.

Body to body $280
The purpose of this B2B massage is to relax the whole body in the beautiful traditions of the East. The uniqueness of this massage session is that it is done not only by hands but also with the use of the provider’s body. This kind of massage has an ancient history, and its best techniques were able to reach our days almost unchanged. This massage session with body to body elements will turn your regular Tantra massage experience into something unforgettable!

Nuru $300
Nuru Tantra massage is another type of body to body massage session. Long and beautiful masseuse puts on her body a special Nuru gel. It makes her skin like silk - smooth, soft and slippery. After that she will touch and slide with her body covered with gel all over your body. The girl will touch you with her arms, chest, hips, buttocks and back. Nuru gel has no smell and no taste. Its charm is that it does not distort your sensations, but only strengthens them.

BDSM $350
Our gorgeous provider will bind her obedient slave with graceful gestures and will give him a dark erotic Tantra massage. In a moment you are already in the full power of her passions and desires. Your flesh will crumple, tingle and torment until you feel a sweet pain. The Tantra massage provider will fully demonstrate to you all her strength and power over your body. And we don’t advise you to resist, as punishing for this will make you shudder.

Our contacts

Financial District, Manhattan, New York NYC
Call +1-518-428-9463

Call +1-518-428-9463 Manhattan Sexy Ladies Magnetic tantra sessions in NYC

Tantra massage New York NYC + Useful info
Call +1-518-428-9463 Manhattan Sexy Ladies Magnetic tantra sessions in NYC

Tantra massage - Erotic New York NYC

There are a few essential parts of Tantra massage session at Magnetic Tantra studio:

Love and Tantra

According to Tantra, true love implies absolute devotion based on the desire for a joint spiritual evolution. Devotion implies absolute trust, truthfulness of lovers with each other and with themselves. Loyalty is another spiritual component of sexual sacraments, it is an unselfish joyful gift, another act of love that promotes the Unity of lovers. Worship, according to Tantra, is the Spirit of Love, and therefore man and woman should always strive to honor their divine origin. The place of worship is the Temple of the Body, here a person can communicate with his natural nature. The followers of Tantra worship the female power of the Goddess of Love. This power (Shakti), according to the teachings, exists both in the woman and in the man, and also in the whole world - animate and inanimate.

Indeed, the feminine principle is present in each of us. Before we come into the world, we spend nine months in the womb. Being born, we go to the light through Yoni (the Indian name of female genital organs) of our mother, accepting our first sexual initiation. The worship of Yoni, as well as the worship of Lingam (the Indian name for male genital organs), is found in many cultures of antiquity, who believed that an amorous union is a great mystery that allows one to get great insights. The extinction and even the complete loss of sexual desire can be resisted in different ways. One of the possibilities is to follow the dictates of Tantrism, the ancient Indian teaching, according to which the employment of sex extends the boundaries of our being. According to the concepts of tantrism, a special kind of high harmony arises between the loving man and woman.

In Tantric caresses, we can distinguish two different in essence, but closely interconnected moments. One of them is "touch for pleasure", but the second one affects not only the physiological, but also the spiritual and emotional aspect of sexual relations. Caressing your partner, you yourself experience pleasant sensations and deliver pleasant sensations to him. Perception of the sensations of the partner as their own is just what Tantric massage can give you. Learn how to love, how to caress, hoe to give and get love in return at our Tantra massage studio.

Massage in Tantra

A skillful massage helps to harmonize the mood of a couple. It is curious that the location of the energy centers described in the Taoist and Tantric texts, and the erogenous zones revealed by Western scientists-sexologists, often coincides. General body massage is one of the best ways to know the features of the erogenous zones of the partner. Massage, like caresses in a love game, should be mutual. It is advisable to indicate to the partner the places where the sensations are especially pleasant, with the help of just one sound, so as not to knock off the breath and weaken the erotic effect. In the East, the palms and feet are considered microcosmoses of the body. Feet is much more in need of massage than palms, because all day they are tightly clamped in shoes and rarely contact with natural surfaces - earth, sand and grass.

Scents and Tantra massage

Tantric teaching gives to the olfaction a great importance, believing that smells have the ability to stimulate a person's creative attitude to life and strengthen his spirit. Each person has his own personal smell. It changes with mood, just like gait or intonation. The smell of the body is directly related to how a person eats. Those who regularly eat onions or garlic can notice that the smell of these products permeates breathing, sweat and sexual secretion. Likewise, body smells vary from a lover of meat dishes, a vegetarian or a smoker. The scent of a woman varies depending on the day of the monthly cycle and the degree of sexual arousal. The smell of a man also depends on many causes: from sudden strong emotions (fear), from physical exertion, sexual arousal or, conversely, from abstinence.

With sexual excitement, the body emits a whole bunch of smells. No wonder they say that the most amazing smell that a woman can "scent" is her own natural fragrance. One of the secrets of the irresistibility of courtesans in medieval Europe was that they used their sexual secretions as spirits. At Magnetic Tantra studio we pay a special attention to scents and smells when you come in to us. We use essential oils to relax and calm you and light up incense in the studio.

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